Tax Services

Navigating the complex tax environment

Every tax decision is important and has the potential to save money or lose money. Tax decisions also carry legal implications and the potential for regulatory and legislative scrutiny. Our role is to advise and direct you to make informed, prudent decisions amid the ever-changing, hard-to-navigate tax code.

We also assist businesses in addressing critical issues and developing effective operating models in the complex tax environment.

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Among our extensive tax services

Tax Planning
Due Diligence
Tax Return Preparation
IRS Representation
Tax Filings
Tax Estimates
Individual and Joint Taxes
Goods and Services Tax
Tax Credits & Incentives

Partnership Tax
Gross Receipts
Payroll Tax
Corporate Tax
Franchise Tax
Transaction Tax
Margin Tax
FAS 5 Compliance

State Tax
Federal Tax
Sales Tax
Excise Tax
Tax Audits
Reverse Audits
System Implementation
Voluntary Disclosure (VDA)
Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Compliance

Indirect Taxes
Property Tax
Tax Dispute Resolution
Estate, Trust and Gift Taxation
Not-for-profit Tax Advisory
Tax Effects of Buying/Selling a Business